About me

About me

Daisuke Kinoshita

Born in kyoto-JAPAN.My Dad was painter before I was borned. So I don’t know what kind of painter he did.However I know his paint is great since I was young. When I was elementary school student, I dive up do what I drawing. Cause I felt that I did not match father.That is my career started.So I kept releasing the shutter. Nowadays, I thank for my dad give me the chance that I love photograph.



now I based in Tokyo-Japan.I active as a director, designer,and photographer.

When I lived in New York, I hit my mile stone in my life.that is just fun for take a picture.


I’ve also got my best gear.Mostly I shoot my best gear that is Leica,since I got that.I also start to use Hasselblad.
There were my longing.
There are my buddy now.and my treasure.




I am always think a photograph.And I travel day by day for my best shot better than yesterday.


Just drop me a line